Vocational Rehabilitation Program in Taylor, MI

Help people with intellectual disabilities or mental disorders achieve their goals and gain independence. Sign them up for our vocational rehabilitation program in Taylor, MI, and we’ll provide them with the necessary support and skill-enhancement training opportunities they need to land and keep a job.

Admission Criteria and Referral:

  • Persons with intellectual disabilities or mental disorders are eligible for our services.
  • Support coordinators, case managers, or vocational counselors can forward a referral request indicating which services a person is interested in.
  • A pre-placement meeting will take place upon receipt of the referral.
  • During the pre-placement meeting, an initial needs assessment will be completed.
  • Once all criteria are met, a start date will be established, and programming will begin.

We currently have openings in all program components, includig half day and full day programming. For individuals interested in programming, call (313) 219-2713 for further information, to set up a visit, or to schedule an intake appointment.

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Program Components

Supported Employment

Opportunities for job development in mobile work crew, enclave placement, or individual placements are available. These placements can range from working together in small work groups and job sharing to being individually placed at a worksite. A job coach assists on the job for as long as needed. 

Work Readiness Training

Training will be provided in job-seeking skills, interviewing, developing a resume, and enhancing work habits. A job developer will work with the person in obtaining employment. A job coach helps on the job for as long as needed.

Community Awareness and Life Skills Training

Opportunities will be provided to participate in activities in the community to develop life skills to become more capable of functioning independently. Activities include adult daily living skills and social/recreational activities.

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Volunteer Work

Assistance will be given to obtain a volunteer position that is suitable for the individual. Emphasis is placed on identifying a position that interests the person. A job coach aids at the volunteer site as long as needed.


In-House Programming

Opportunities will be provided to participate in activities designed to enhance physical senses and work skills. Areas that will be explored are work habits, cognitive/learning abilities, intrapersonal skills, and interpersonal skills. A job coach helps obtain these skills for as long as needed.

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